Franco-israeli Seminar, May 9-11,2023

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A delegation from the Israeli Supreme Court* led by its President, Mrs Esther Hayut, was welcomed at the Council of State on Thursday May 11, 2023 for a working session, as part of a legal seminar organised jointly with the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Council. 

The last meeting between the Council of State and the Israeli Supreme Court took place in October 2021, in Jerusalem, during a bilateral seminar between the two institutions.
Regular institutional meetings between the Supreme Court and the three French supreme courts, ensure judicial cooperation between France and Israel, as well as mutual knowledge of their judicial systems and case law.

For this visit, each of the three French supreme jurisdictions hosted a seminar on contemporary themes : the judge and the law and the role of the judicial judge in the protection of fundamental freedoms at the Court of Cassation, the role of the constitutional judge in consolidating the rule of law and the constitutional protection of the environment at the Constitutional Council. The seminar organised at the Council of State dealt with the topics of emergency proceedings and the retention of connection data.

* The Supreme Court of Israel is the highest court in the State of Israel.  Composed of 15 members, it exercises the competences assigned in France to the Constitutional Council, the Council of State and the Court of Cassation.