Franco-Spanish bilateral seminar

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A delegation led by the Vice-President of the Conseil d’Etat Bruno Lasserre was welcomed on Friday July 9 in Madrid, first by Spanish Tribunal supremo, and then by the Consejo de Estado, as part of a bilateral seminar.

On Friday morning, a working meeting with the third chamber of the Tribunal supremo, which is the supreme judge of administrative disputes in Spain chaired by César Tolosa, was the opportunity to discuss about three current issues for both administrative courts: emergency law, the dialogue between national courts and the CJEU and environmental law. 

On Friday afternoon, the French delegation has been invited by the Consejo de Estado. This institution is “the supreme consultative body of the government” (art. 107 of the Spanish Constitution). After a presentation of the Spanish institution by its president, María Teresa Fernández, and a presentation of the Conseil d’Etat by Bruno Lasserre, both delegations discussed about the publication of their opinions.

Photo de groupe

This trip reinforces the close cooperation that has been developed between the Conseil d’Etat and its two Spanish counterparts: the Tribunal supremo, chaired by Carlos Lesmes, for its judicial functions, the Consejo de Estado for its advisory functions.