The Conseil d’État looks back over 2020

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Public liberties, sustainable development, health, the economy, terrorism, personal data, employment rights, education... France’s Conseil d’État has today published its activity report and its public report for 2020

As the court with emergency powers during the health crisis and the consultative body with regard to the successive instruments issued during the state of emergency, the Conseil d’État also responded throughout the year to a constant flow of other applications filed by French citizens, the Government and members of the French parliament.

The activity report, a document addressed to the general public, reviews the major decisions, opinions and studies produced during 2020 which have placed the Conseil d’État at the heart of the daily lives of the French people as never before. The report takes stock in particular of the role played by the Conseil d’État during this unprecedented year in defending the rule of law and fundamental freedoms.

Alongside the activity report, the 2020 public report has also been published today. This report, produced by the Conseil d’État's Reports and Studies Department, is a comprehensive technical document addressed to experts setting out all of the figures and data relating to the activities of the Conseil d’État and the administrative jurisdiction.

Download the 2020 annual report