Bilateral seminar at the Israeli Supreme Court (Jerusalem, 30 October 2021)

Relations internationales
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A delegation of five members of the Council of State, led by Vice-President Bruno Lasserre, visited Israel for a bilateral seminar with the Israeli Supreme Court on October 30, 2021.

Composed of fifteen members, the Israeli Supreme Court is the highest court in Israel. It exercises some of the powers entrusted in France separately to the Constitutional Council, the Council of State and the Court of Cassation.

Since 1998, the Israeli Supreme Court and the three French jurisdictions cooperate to cross legal and organizational perspectives. The last seminar had taken place in Paris in November 2016 between the Supreme Court of Israel, the Constitutional Council, the Court of Cassation and the Council of State.

On October 30, 2021, the Council of State came to Israel for a bilateral seminar focusing on administrative law issues co-chaired by President of the Israeli Supreme Court Esther Hayut and Vice-President of the Council of State Bruno Lasserre.

The topic of the first round table was administrative justice in the time of Covid-19. The greater solicitation of the judge of expedited matters during the health crisis in France caused a reflection on the role of the administrative judge in service of the rule of law. During the second round table, the debates focused on environmental law. The panelist discussed the access to the administrative judge through the question of the interest to act then the particular case of climate litigation. Lastly, the topic of the third round table was the enforcement of court decisions.