Meeting of the French Vice-President of the Conseil d’Etat with the President of the Republic of Latvia

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The Vice-President of the Conseil d’Etat, Bruno Lasserre, accompanied by the Delegate for International Relations, Yves Gounin, visited Riga from 22 to 25 April.

The trip is part of a close cooperation between the Conseil d’Etat and Latvian institutions since 2016. It is part of the project to create an independent Latvian constitutional body, legal adviser in the drafting of the law, on the model of the French Conseil d’Etat.

This cooperation has led to two previous trips of members of the Conseil d’Etat to Riga, in 2017 at the invitation of the President of the Constitutional Court of Latvia and in 2020, as part of a mission to support the formation of this advisory institution.

During this trip, the Vice-President has been invited by the President of the Republic of Latvia, Mr Egils Levits, who received him at lunch. He then went to the Saeima, Latvian Parliament, at the invitation of its President, Mrs Inara Murniece.

After an audience with the Head of the Supreme Court of Latvia and President of the Judicial Council, Mr Aigars Strupiss, Mr Lasserre met the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Mr Janis Bordans, who had been received in Paris at the Conseil d’Etat, in November 2019. Mr Lasserre then held a video conference with the students of the Riga Graduate School of Law on the theme "The administrative judge and individual liberties during a pandemic".

Mr Lasserre's stay in Latvia ended with a visit to the Constitutional Court for a working meeting with the president and the vice-president of the institution, Mrs Sanita Osipova and Mr Aldis Lavins.

This visit, which was widely echoed by the Latvian press, reinforces the strong links that have been forged between the Conseil d’Etat and Latvian institutions.



Photo de Bruno Lasserre